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About Me

       Beatrice Sniper is an award winning Special Effects artist, based in New York/ New Jersey (willing to travel). Her Special Effects makeup skills are widely used for movie productions, photoshoots, exhibits, events, theme parks, music videos, military training exercises, and more.

      Beatrice grew up in a religious home, went to a Yeshiva, and then attended School of Visual Arts to study Computer Animation. After an accidental exposure to an  "Introduction to Film/Tv Makeup" class, her life took a drastic turn, she calls it a Happy Accident. This hobby branched into gaining knowledge and experience in multiple (makeup) jobs including beauty, fantasy, horror/gore, bodypainting, prosthetic designing, and fabrication. 

      In July 2015, she established her very own FX shop, calling it  Beahive Studios LLC. Since then, she continues to expand on her creativity, making bigger and better things. Her motivation drives her to become more versed in multiple art forms, without losing that sense of curiosity. 

DONT LET BEES GO EXTINCT!        #DontKillMyBuzz

I try to donate 10% of my profit to a charitable cause 

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Contact Me:

Tel: 347-232-7271

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