Panels, Awards & Publication


Soen - "Antagonist"

SFX Makeup

Military Training for Guardian Centers

Makeup + Prosthetics,  Shot Footage, Video Editing

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

Costume Design Assistant

Cannibal Corpse - Code of the Slashers


Blood Effects, Gore, Acting

Lil Uzi - Sanguine Paradise

Costume Design Assistant

Denzel Curry - Clout Co13a1n


Makeup, acting

Desi Wolf - Neon Soul

 Body Painter



Year of production:2013

 My Thesis for my SVA. 

Behemoth - Messe Noir


Year of production:2015

Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics

Pallbearer - I Saw The End

Makeup + Prosthetics

NYC Zombie Prank


Special Effects Makeup on the zombies







Blood Manor 2015


Special FX Makeup 

Demo Reel 2013


My animation work